Giving Back to Blue Key

Following Clemson’s lead with continuation of the Will to Lead Campaign, we are pleased to introduce the Blue Key Young Alumni Giving Plan. The plan is designed to significantly and consistently bolster funds available for projects and operations. We want to be able to expand current projects like The Pursuit, our new Spring Philanthropy event that was tremendously successful, and to add new projects that service the community. Very simply, the plan is designed to help Blue Key do more.

Blue Key is an organization that I think helped all of us in some way or another, and I encourage all of you to give back at whatever level you can. I can’t think of any organization with a better group of alumni, and this is a great opportunity for us to provide a consistent pillar of support to the organization and its active members. With your help, we can really expand and improve upon what Blue Key does at Clemson.

You can find more information about this by Clicking Here

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